Rapid Growth

A Data Warehousing company was in rapid growth mode.  With the nature of their product line being highly technical, they were relying on a limited number of subject matter experts (SMEs) to onboard new clients and train them on the ins and outs.  Worldwide.  While continuing to sell and grow the business.  Realizing this wasn’t sustainable, they came looking for a scalable model they could use so the SMEs could get back to doing what they did best…being SMEs.

  • Provided ad-hoc learning strategy consulting support to start-up training team
  • Collaboratively worked on defining needs and determining best solution for the unique culture
  • Redesigned on-site client training and orientation
  • Developed a scalable content curriculum and learning strategy
  • Produced an iterative process that would allow content to be transitioned to blended learning over time
Skills:Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, Content Development
Company URL:https://www.io.com/