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Grounded in the sciences of Human Potential, our customized learning solutions will equip you with the tools you need to achieve the full reach of your vision. Expect more; get more.

Corporate Learning Strategies

Our customized training solutions will get you the results you need – from small-scale roll-outs to enterprise-wide deployments – Vis Activa will help you use your resources wisely and put together a targeted approach for sustainable success.


Whether your goals are personal or professional, our learning solutions can help you build the habits you need to strengthen your capabilities and enjoy life more fulfilled, aligned, and whole.


Sometimes you just want another perspective, or an extra set of hands. Our highly flexible L&D consulting services can help you move your project forward, no matter how large or small. Enjoy the benefits of our senior-level expertise as an adhoc member of your team.

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Hire Vis Activa and Reconnect With the Joy of Learning On Purpose

The learning landscape has changed. The variety of delivery options and technologies can make it can seem overwhelming to chart a path. But one truth remains: We are all human beings wired for continual growth.

  • Science-based solutions
  • Engagement fueling strategies
  • Whole-life perspective
  • Driven by simplicity and elegance
  • Tangible results
Capability Statement

Sample Projects

Vis Activa clients cover a broad spectrum of services and sizes. But they all share a fundamental belief that excellence is achieved through individuals -- equipped with the skills and tools to find their way, and empowered by their inner drive to continually strive for better.

Organizational Development

Make sure your learning initiatives fit the culture, achieve the objectives, gain traction and stick.

Leadership Development

Leadership starts with leading yourself. Learn how to unlock your unique leadership blueprint and then put it into practice with simple habits that express your best in the moment.

Training Facilitation

Teach in-house subject matter experts how to effectively facilitate learning and expand your ability to deliver meaningful knowledge transfer and behavior change.

Instructional Design

Leverage neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and sociology to deliver the best learning experiences.

Employee Engagement

Don't just track your engagement results; use employee feedback to develop a culture where the work aligns with human design.

Coaching Support

Sometimes you just need some one-on-one time. Get personal support to spark insights with targeted competency development or project-specific feedback.

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